About Me

Hi, my name is Jaime Wickander and I love horses! I want to help you fulfill your goals with horses. Let me help you build a harmonious relationship with your horse.The more you learn, the more fun and safer horses are. If you need help training your horse, whether it is starting a young horse or fine tuning an older horse, I have the experience it takes.

What I like most about horses is when I am able to ride with the lightest aids and the horse feels like he is dancing with me. For that reason, I enjoy riding dressage. Dressage is horse training to its fullest potential, including advanced movements like piaffe (trot in place) and single tempi changes (a flying canter lead change every stride). The result of good dressage training is a willing horse who is athletic, supple and obedient to the slightest aids from the rider. Dressage turns riding horses into poetry in motion, a living art form and it's a ton of fun! Showing and horse training is a blast, but what I find the most rewarding is teaching. I love to see the progress my students make and watch their confidence with horses grow. I love to give them the tools it takes to figure things out on their own.

I grew up with horses and spent many hours in the horse pasture, watching and observing horse behavior. My training method incorporates this understanding of horse psychology to produce happy and willing horses. I trained my first horse at age thirteen. I've trained ponies, Arabians, Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds and problem horses. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls' Equine Program (equitation, dressage, jumping, biomechanics, teaching techniques of riding). I trained my grey Arabian to 3rd level dressage as an amateur before devoting six months to studying with the masters in Europe. I was riding with Sweden's Bo Jenå, Germany's Karl Moorman, and the legendary Egon von Neindorff. During this period of study, I was recognized by the German National Equestrian Federation and awarded the bronze medal of achievement in jumping and dressage. For more on my background, please click the "My Qualifications" button at the bottom of the page.

I have current show experience up to Fourth Level. In 2013, Team Wickander had a successful season and I am so proud of my students. Together, we earned the following titles:

2013 Champion Fourth Level Open: Jaime on Wranger at the CSDEA Championship show

2013 Champion First Level Open: Jaime on Levi at the CSDEA Championship show

2013 Champion Training Level AA: Roberta on Levi at CSDEA Championship show

2013 Champion Third Level Open: Jaime on Fury CSDEA Year End Award

2013 Champion First Level Open: Jaime on Levi CSDEA Year End Award

2013 Reserve Champion First Level Jr/YR: Delaney on Danni CSDEA Year End Award

2013 Fourth Place Training Level AA: Roberta on Levi CSDEA Year End Award

Take a look at the photo gallery for pictures of my travels and horse experiences. I look forward to getting to know you and invite you to call me at 952.461.2732 or Click Here to set up a lesson.

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